oh where did it go

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In the summer snow, she ignored the signs, the reminds as he loved, but she pushed him away, living in the past where life never lasts, he lived and wanted to stay, but she pushed him away. with each hug, he held her tight, with each kiss she put nothing into, now it’s left without a continue. She was so negative, with a good man’s heart, from the start, she wanted to change him, and he did, but she still complained, now look what remains, the lonely stain where they last missed a long standing plan, she has a lot to understand, she missed what she had in hand, now it’s her loss, no faith lost in the cross of what she did not take the time to find, the man that held her hand and had a life of love, she screamed in negative, when he praised in positive, he wanted to live, she wanted to die, so they tried to get by right before his last goodbye, she stood wondering why, when all she missed was in signs !

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Lyrics / Lines  from Song :  Fear It’s Self

Each shovel full digs it a little deeper, I feel the end coming, as I finish the hole ,

the ___________ holds the gun to my head, click, click I hear silence in the words behind the big white house, I open my eyes to still be alive, I see him still pulling the trigger, click click, fate is in the way, now I am pushed down in the hole, I am left with my soul , shovel by shovel I feel the dirt on my shirt,

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Verse 1

My hearts broken breaths will remains
in this life, on silent knifes that slice, figured in so many depths, this pain will swallow my own frown, I’ve been shot down, broken arrows, blood spilled across a many a sparrows
as she shares in this taste on that chicken marrow,
cut down so low in the short and narrow, we will keep the darkness as i complain to keep it all saine in my own will of remains, in my own self doubt, i tend to screen it out to shout, I’m fresh to spell it out, my mistakes cut at my own hands, grew up in a place called the promise land, with nothing more than scares and stains as my real name changes lanes, so fast paced i have done lost my own faith on what is known as an awful taste of this place !

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I have a dream where I am KING
Fathers Sons I have now begun to change a young mans tongue
I have a dream Where the children sing
“WE are free to be who we be”  <————Children Singing
I have a dream where I am KING

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Hustle in my hand to be a man
It’s been a while sense I got a chance to smile ,

Hustle in my hand to be a man
all the while I keep on my grind , to search to find,

Hustle in my hand to be a man
a long walk a million miles, I stand,

Hustle in my hand to be a man
to walk another line  to find mine,

AS He Died

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She Slowly is killing
Blow by blow “SHE KEEPS IT REAL”
but to only steal the time she has left with him

He is Slowly dieing
Breath by breath ” AS HE TRIES TO FEEL”
but time is fading as he tried to begin again

When hope , love & happiness can’t hold up to anger
When she wants to hate instead or relate
When love contradicts actions of her last actions
When she believes lies in materials can make her world turn

The weather will watch Him urn
She was too busy to see the burns
She was yelling to much to understand
As he had his feet planted as a man with a plan

But she let him DIE each day fading  until all that remained is his memory

and his beautiful children to whom he loved with all his heart


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Still fighting to come home
in every thought & every poem
my home can’t see in dreams
my home stands to tall to not believe
still in silent oh so violent
Still fighting to come home

My home is lost
My home is gone
My home has cost
My home is not my home

Still fighting to come home
in every day my home lives in anger
my home will not share as she takes my soul
My home will faid as it’s made to take away
all gone in memories as she takes them away
Still Fighting to make this house a HOME


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In this room you can see

The stains on the floor from all the stains of the past that could not last, the butts of smokes & the emptiness of jokes, I feed to fast to starve to feed the need to bleed from my lonely heart. it’s was in here from the start!

In this room you can see

2 windows that fill the room with the thoughts of tomorrow the sorrow the pain of what is left to borrow , to bright to see to dark in the night, the hawk used to have flight to see insight , now the sun burns away to not stay!

In this room you can see

3 trees that bloom to soon to understand the path they grow is the path they know all to well, cursed in what it seams by an unknown spell, take another wish to the wishing well, to wonder if it will ever be granted the path to make it all last!

In this room you can see

4 walls that are filled with color that hold the silent reminder that something is missing my LOVE, or where does she hide that lonely dove, Empty they show nothing hanging, so empty it’s only the color that shows what is so low.

In this room you can see

5 stacks of papers that hold all the reasons why I am here, as I share another tear, I wonder when will you be near, where I can share with you dear, all my life I shared in yours thoughts and my fears, I hold on I hold on

In this room you can see

6 little ones alone from a world , He holds so dear to his soul, as if you did not know, as if it did not show, always standing still on the go, take breaths to breath to find all was already found, in the lost hours of the days I have been away to not let me stay, yes in all the days I did not play

In this room you can see

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SO to Start !

A Thought

A Hop on one foot!

A New Fixture

A couple Outlets

Now Just in time to dream!

I reweave This new beginning !